Frequently Asked Questions

When are upgrades and new features added to the systems?

Our systems continue to be in development due to new feature ideas, continuing to improve the user experience and ongoing security upgrades. Aside from an occasional premium add-on feature, new system versions are part of your subscription.

How secure is OPS & CPO?

Our systems are monitored 24/7. Our development team is vigilant about creating, upgrading and maintaining architecture and functionality that comply with the highest levels of security. Data is housed in a HIPAA and CJIS compliant Microsoft Azure server (s). Data is backed up every 24 hours. Another set up backups is taken weekly and stored on a separate server. The systems have a security certificate to encrypt the data online and BCrypt technology to protect passwords. Log in reports are accessible by the user to see who or what is trying to access the system.

Is the number of users limited?

The number of users per system is limited to the number allotted for each subscription tier.

Is there a free trial period?

Because OPS or CPO is built specifically for each client, a free trial period is not available. We do have one-on-one demonstrations to make sure the system is right for organizations needs.

How quickly can we expect a response to questions or problems?

We are available during West Coast business hours (M–F, 8am–6 pm) to respond to your questions and concerns. Our response time is typically 1 hour or less.

How does payment work?

Most of our clients find it efficient to pay annually, but we also accept monthly payments. Our preferred method of payment is via direct ACH transfer using your bank's routing number and your entity's account number. If payment is via paper check or credit card, we charge a 3% fee.

How long are the subscription contracts for OPS or CPO?

Our subscription agreements are month to month and can be cancelled at any time within a 30 day notice. All of the data will be returned to you in 30 days after the cancellation. We understand that budget cycles and payment schedules can vary and will work with you to define payment terms that fit within your agency's unique parameters.

What do the onboarding and training processes consist of?

During the initial onboarding phase, we provide live online training for everyone who will be using the system. Once up and running, training videos can be turned on and off within the system at any time. If one of your users needs a refresher or is a new hire, training can be enabled instantly. We are available for ongoing assistance. We are always there when help is needed.

How long does it take to learn OPS or CPO?

Both OPS and CPO are designed to be intuitive and easy to learn for anyone accustomed to menu-driven database systems and other administration software. After the initial training period, clients report that they are comfortable working within the system and that the built-in training modules provide additional support. Our calls for support on a new account generally slow down after the first week or two with a few questions that come up during the first year and when new features are added.

Once we commit, how long does it take to get OPS or CPO set up?

The base systems for both OPS and CPO can be up and running within a week with training the following week. Our team works directly with your team to ensure that the launch process is smooth and well-communicated, with obstacles and necessary adjustments identified early on. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible.

Is there a start-up fee?

There is no start-up fee for OPS or CPO.

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